What Is The Impact Of Technology On Kids Today And Tomorrow?

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The Jack Abramoff Family Scholarship is pleased to announce that Emery Gore of Knoxville, Tennessee has been awarded its first Academic Excellence Scholarship, in recognition of her creative and thought-provoking essay on The Impact of Technology On Kids Today and Tomorrow.  Emery plans to attend Belmont University in the Fall of 2021. 

I Am Not Like My Parents.

It’s not by choice, we are simply from different generations. They can tell you how the weather was on Thursday September 1st, 1972 at 4:00 p.m., and have memorized the entire Encyclopedia set A-Z. Even more impressive, they can get anywhere without using GPS. My parents know everything and are wise beyond reason.

Emery Gore Jack Abramoff
Emery Gore, Jack Abramoff Family Scholarship Winner

On September 1, 1972 at 4:00 p.m. they were climbing a tree when it started to rain so they ran into the neighbor’s garage & ate popsicles from the freezer without having to ask. They remember smells & sounds of that day because they lived it rather than photographed it. Did I mention Encyclopedia’s? Every household bought them from a door-to-door salesman, and families read them for ‘entertainment’. How do my parents get from one place to the next without GPS? They learned by getting lost 100 times and figuring it out on their own.

No, I Am Not Like My Parents

I was born with a tablet in my hand and my oxygen levels decrease without a wireless device attached to my body. My heart skips a beat and I break into a sweat if I lose my phone for 3o seconds. I didn’t notice the weather when I left home because I was Snap Chatting at every red light along the way. I’ve never held an Encyclopedia because 1) door-to-door salesmen will kill you, and 2) everything I need to know is on the trusty tablet I was born with. Instead of climbing trees, I pose in front of them and post the pictures to Instagram. Besides, I could get abducted if I stay outside for too long. I don’t have to know how to get anywhere because my GPS will tell me turn by turn. Last and most remarkably, I know everything there is to know about everything, as long as I have WIFI.

My Parents Held Books In School

Turning each page, they absorbed and retained everything they read. They were tested on paper and wrote paragraphs with pencils explaining their answers.

At School, I Sit At A Computer And Click Boxes A, B, C or D For My Answers

I don’t have to ‘show my work’ or retain the information after I have passed the course. It’s all about efficiency, saving the earth and forging ahead in the name of technology. Don’t get me wrong, technology has absolutely improved the functionality of our nation for the better.

Thanks to COVID for example, technology and the healthcare industry have merged in ways never imagined. Tele-Health appointments, diagnosis & treatments via Zoom are the new norm, and people no longer wait days for an appointment or miss work to meet with their doctor. Patients are also learning to self-assess using the internet, iWatches and phone apps, saving the country billions in healthcare costs.

What Is The Impact Of Technology On Kids Today And Tomorrow?

They could never survive without technology, as they’ve never known life without it. They’re able to convert 3 paragraphs into a clever 8 word caption, tweet or comment, but lack communication skills and are socially awkward in person. While their parents have been together since age 13, their friends and partners are disposable & replaceable when things go wrong, thanks to social media.

On A Positive Note…

The hundreds of hours they’ve put into video games has made them expert problem solvers. They’re able to make good and lightning fast decisions while their parents must contemplate for hours. Kids today are also learning earlier and faster thanks to mobile device learning apps. By age 2-3 they’ve already learned their letters, numbers & other skills that their parents didn’t learn until age 5-6. At age 15, they’re already tech guru’s and practically guaranteed a well-paying job.

In summary, thanks to technology, today’s kids will get where they’re going in life much faster than their parents did. What they will lack is a knowledge, satisfaction and appreciation that only comes with the journey of getting there.

The Jack Abramoff Family Scholarship was created to help ease the crushing blow of parental collapse by providing educational grants to students who currently attend or have been accepted to an accredited college or university in the U.S. While the scholarships will focus at times on children of parents incarcerated in the justice system and children of law enforcement families who have suffered a loss, all students are invited to participate… and win.

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