The Paradoxical Impact

The young girl glanced slightly down at her phone, tilting her head to the side to read the message. She then quickly glanced at her teacher, and focused her attention on him. She began to bounce her leg out of anticipation and excitement for opening up her message. Her eyes darted back and forth from the teacher to her phone; she then finally made movement. Picking up her phone, she slowly read the message: it was from her friend. As she read over the message her mouth curved into a smile and she suppressed a laugh. She then heard a tapping noise and focused her attention on the teacher once again. He was staring directly at her with an expression of disappointment. She gently set the phone down. Her teacher returned his attention to the lesson, pointing at the word “technology,” and asked what it meant. The young girl, with the eyes of the teacher focused in on her, nodded her head to her phone, and the teacher simply shook his head “no.”
It would be considered incorrect to say what is “the” impact of technology on kids today. “The” signifies that there is one, individual impact of technology on kids. The impact of technology is paradoxical; the relationship that technology has with kids today, and the relationship that they will have on them tomorrow, is complex and based on a multitude of societal norms and phenomenons. Technology has a nearly toxic, yet loving; beneficial, yet destructive; safe, yet dangerous impact on kids of today and tomorrow; it is paradoxical and complex.
The impact that technology has on kids today is far from simple. For instance, technology is a platform that invites contradicting individuals: cyberbullies, pedophiles, stalkers, but also genuine friends, entrepreneurs, and inspirations. The impact of technology on kids today is that it invites them into a globalized world and allows them to expand their own world. However, this perspective is narrow minded; consider technology outside of computers and social media, consider it in a broader context. Technology is far from just internet and social media platforms: it is creations, skills, and processes that allow us to survive. Technology gives us a basis for survival, but from a paradoxical point of view, it also may destroy what we have created. Evaluate the extraordinary buildings and companies that have been created. Now think about the devastation that some of these companies have created for our beloved Earth. We may be creating methods and ideas that provide benefit for humanity, but at the same time, we are destroying the place where humanity resides. In summary, the impact on kids that technology has is that it is teaching them how to be creative, develop new methods of survival, and how to strive for more beneficial lifestyles, but at the same time, it is teaching them how to destroy their own ability to survive and obtain these lifestyles, hence causing problematic scenarios for the kids of the future.
Perspectives, norms, and scientific or social discoveries are always occurring, therefore there is no definite way of determining how technology will impact kids tomorrow; there can merely be predictions based on current trends. We may find that certain types of technology have more dangerous and destructive aspects that outweigh the beneficial ones, consequently causing our perspectives to change on particular technologies, placing a negative stigma on that technology overall. We may be swayed from even using particular types of technology and new advancements may occur, therefore, impacts may vary. We are unable to determine impacts if we are unsure of the new advancements and technologies that tomorrow holds. But, based on the information provided from today, kids of tomorrow may be impacted by technology by finding new methods and ways of sustainability and survival, yet the technologies that are created now may also have the ability of malfunction and cause detrimental effects.
Technology is far beyond the social media platforms and internet that we use everyday. Technology has created the ability for humanity to expand and flourish. However, technology has also been the reason for setbacks and detrimental effects on humanity. Using technology is beneficial and needed, yet risky. Technology impacts kids today and kids tomorrow by offering quality lifestyles, but it also may impact kids by offering ways of jeopardizing that quality lifestyle simultaneously. That is quite a paradoxical impact.

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