The Impact of Technology on Kids Today and Tomorrow

Technology has become an essential to our modern society. Things that were once done in person, have been moved to an easy, paperless, format. While technology has given us many incredible advances, there are consequences to a highly digital society for all age groups. I believe that technology has many impacts on the children of today, and it will continue to be an important factor in the lives of future children.
In 2012, I was in the 7th grade. It was the time of Gangnam Style, The Hunger Games, One Direction, and at my middle school, everyone got a cell phone that year. Most looked much different than the ones we have now. From this point on, I have been very connected to technology. This is when I set up a Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat account. At the time, it seemed harmless and fun, but I had no idea what I was truly signing up for. These social media accounts have given me endless access to the people around me. However, it has also led me to constantly compare myself to other women on social media, and I believe that it has given me so much unnecessary stress and anxiety. There are copious amounts of studies that have looked in depth at the repercussions of young children entering the world of social media. These children often encounter content that is not appropriate to them, and are exposed to a wealth of knowledge that they may not be prepared for. Many social scientists believe that this is not healthy for children whose minds are still developing, and can be a detriment to their mental health. Children now are often seen connected to a phone or a tablet for hours a day. They may miss out on the joys of experiencing new things as a child. I believe that because of what we are still discovering about the effects of technology on child development, parents should be very careful with their children’s technology usage. Over time, we will be able to observe how children experiencing technology from such an early age will pan out for these kids.
I believe that technology has also been really beneficial for children today, and will continue to benefit future children as it develops. Certain technological advances, such as in the medical field, greatly benefit the health of children. New advances in research and physical and occupational therapy resources are largely connected to technology, and the sharing of ideas from different individuals. Without this knowledge, many children would have a lower quality of life.
In the times of COVID-19, technology has given us the opportunity to stay connected in a safe manner. Children who are immunocompromised are able to still receive an education due to advances in virtual schooling. Thousands of students have gone completely online during this time to be able to safely educate themselves and stay on track to graduate. Without this technology, many young children would be unable to learn and attend class which is essential for their mental development. I believe that moving forward, virtual learning will only improve and become more accessible for students, especially those who have different abilities than their peers. Students who are physically disabled may prefer to be online and learn from the comfort of their home. Virtual learning is essential in our times, and will be highly beneficial for the students of tomorrow.
Overall, I believe that technology can be a great tool for children, but there are dangers associated with it. Technology can provide us with advances that improve our society by increasing the overall health and knowledge of our children of today. As it advances, the children of tomorrow can build on this and continue to lead healthier and happier lives. However, without proper supervision, technology can be a very toxic place for children. More and more influencers on social media provide unrealistic views of what our lives should look like, and can lead to higher levels of depression and anxiety in young children. They may also be more apt to spend time online instead of spending time in nature and in other mentally stimulating activities. The children of tomorrow should be educated on this and use their technology wisely.

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