The Dream

Technology can offer so many things for a child. Sometimes it offers a safe haven for relaxation and entertainment. Other times it offers education, and learning skills. This generation, and the many generations to come, are the future. With technology being so advanced, and as it continues to advance, people must decide how exactly technology has an impact on kids. Does it have a positive affect, or a negative one?
I closed my eyes and drifted off to a slow, steady sleep. As I entered my dream, I stumbled upon two doors. One had the letter ‘P’, and the other had the letter ‘C’ embellished on the front. Curious, I opened the door with the letter ‘C’.
The path that followed was grey. It was a dark and cold world. All around me I saw kids who were sad and empty. What followed in front of them was a computer screen which was plastered with hateful comments. “Ugly! You’re so gross! Don’t post anything like that ever again.” I felt tears in my eyes. As I walked closer to the child, I saw that she was actually me. Terrified, I ran down the path, scared of the past.
Tick-tock. What followed next was a building full of strict teachers, and failing students. Tick-tock. They were all seated for an exam, except the students had been playing videogames the night before. Some would say “who cares about this test?” while others would try their best, but would still fail. Tick-tock. School was over. The students rushed to their homes, ready to play their next game. Among those students was a familiar kid, running down the sidewalks. It was me. “Finally that dumb test is over, now I can play my game!” Afraid of who I was, I ran past myself and continued along the terrifying path.
Alas I stumbled towards the end. The door with the letter ‘P’ was in front of me, and as I opened it, a warm, welcoming feeling of excitement enveloped my mind. I walked down the path, watching the kids in the classroom using computers and apps like Google Classroom and Zoom. Instead of sending hate through social media, technology was being used for education. These kids who used technology for their own advantage can be seen to have improved problem solving, multitasking, and decision making. All around me were students who were proud of their hard work, and proud of how far technology had come.
I continued to walk down the path and saw technology helping many kids in a hospital. I also saw myself using technology to help me track diabetes. Other kids nearby can also be seen using technology to help them with their health. Some wore fitbits, others used artificial intelligence to help with their own illnesses. It was a beautiful sight.
As I awoke from my dream, I came to a realization. Rather than becoming addicted to technology and negatives it has to offer, kids should maintain their time, thus allowing technology to be an aid in education and health. Technology can have an influential impact on kids today, and tomorrow. Whether it be a positive impact, or a negative impact, is up for people to decide for themselves, and ultimately guide the kids of a future generation on the right path to success.

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