Technologies impact on the world

Technology now is giving our generation and the next generation false hope and inhibiting our growth. The amount of people we see online on platforms like youtube and Tiktok get famous from doing almost nothing is astonishing. Personally I believe that people like Mr. Beast(a very big youtuber) and Charlie Demelio(a Tiktok star) shouldn’t be as rich as they are because of their social media base. I think they should continue to do it because they find it fun and that’s their passion, but they shouldn’t become millionaires by not doing almost any work. I think it gives kids today an unrealistic goal that will only workout for a handful of kids.
I was raised by the principle of “results come to those who work the hardest for them”, and it’s something I live by. I know there are those who may disagree with me and that’s understandable, but I think that technology is a powerful tool that is being handed to kids at too young of an age. The problem with giving kids technology from an early age in my opinion originates in the fact that people like Mr. Beast and Charlie Demelio market themselves in a way that captures kids attention and holds it, not allowing them to branch out and explore the other wonders of the world. I think they should explore the world without a tablet or phone from the age of 6 and find their interests, along with seeking to explore those in their life. If given the tools of the internet and social media at a later age, I believe kids would be more responsible with the technology in front of them. An abundance of anything is bad. Watching Youtubers isn’t innately bad, but when they put out so much content that you feel like you’re missing out on something if you don’t watch all their videos, they’ve got you hooked, and you use all your time on that one keeping up to date. I think our generation would do well to mature a little and use technology in a way that is more beneficial than to watch Tiktoks all day, and decide on the career path of becoming a famous Tik Toker. Personally I had a friend in my algebra II class who was a genius. Anytime anyone had trouble with a math problem, he would know how to solve the problem and proceed to get the right answer on the first try. He would do this after sleeping through all the lessons and scrolling through his phone in the back of the class every class. I remember thinking how unfair it was that there were kids who pushed themselves so much and did everything to learn the material well, and he didn’t put 5 minutes into the lesson and would always get an A on the test. After a certain point, he stopped caring about his classes and just gave up on everything because he would just want to be one his phone all day. When I heard this, I thought to myself, man this kid was so gifted and he threw it all away, for what? To watch video games all day? To let his mind slowly drift away with the mindless task of watching others do dumb things online? If he would just apply himself, I knew he had the potential to be an amazing mathematician. Technology is so advanced nowadays and I see so many kids my age with potential if they applied themselves, but they fall victim to social media and similar things, and they get so wrapped up in it, they let it inhibit their growth.
That event is what made me have such a strong opinion about this topic. I recognize that technology is such a powerful tool, but resent it for sucking up some of the greatest minds of this generation. These powerful minds that could end up as nobel peace prize winners end up with the goal of becoming rich by being an overnight sensation. I have to acknowledge the potential that technology can have on kids from a young age, to nurture their creativity and for them to explore our world, but I think a vast majority of our generation is too immature to handle that from such a young age. This is why I think technology is inhibiting the future generation.

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