Implications of technology for students now and in the future

Well to begin I am Daniel Wiederhold. I am a student at strayer university to become a data management specialist. I have always had an aptitude for computers and electronics. One of my first memories is me and my brother taking apart the VCR when I was 2 and when I was 3, I was put on Windows XP and my mother put me onto Zelda: Link to the past on Super Nintendo. Since then, I have learned how to fix any part of a pc most laptops, most androids, I have learned the basics of html 5 and compact script extender. I have also used cheat engine extensively to help me on early online games. I have learned a small amount of python and its uses and overclocked my pc to within an inch of its life in high school and now I am focused on learning all the standards and principles of life as a techie.

My introduction ties in because as a firsthand user of technology as a young child I can say technology has a huge impact on all kids today, tomorrow, and yesterday. From the computers they had in my kindergarten to the smartboards they introduced in my middle school years the technology being introduced these days will make all the difference in how kids will learn now to the future. They also had some schools giving the students laptops and iPads. All these things are designed to help the teacher be more informative and keep those being taught more engrossed in the current subject. When I was younger overheads were impossible to pay attention too very bright light with a dull image with the current projectors there is no need to wonder if anyone can see. Though the bigger point is the transfer of data on the computer is up to a million times faster then word of mouth from a man or woman you may not like who is very boring and treating people unfairly. So, I think for years to come computers and new tech will come to take its place in helping children learn.

The applications of tech for those in special needs especially helps children learn faster and maybe even some kids the cross the line from special needs back to average. This may sound crazy but a lot of kids I knew in special crossed back over the line two years after the touch screen phones became popular. And there is a large language barrier for those very disabled to be understood by people teaching them and vice versa. In the coming years I think many more innovations will come about to be used by teachers to help understood how kids become special needs and how to help them better.

Networking and camera technology has played a huge roll in the last 10 years of education. With our networks becoming increasingly faster and the roll out of fiber optic and so many devices with cameras teachers and kids can speak face to face anytime. More specifically Zoom and the current schooling situation in many places in the US. I think without it our drop out rate would have gone up 15% around the whole us for about 5 years or more. So that is an astronomical impact tech has had now and into the future. I think moving forward many students will find it easier and more comfortable to learn on zoom whether public schools continue as normal in the near future or not. So, we will see an increase in kids completing school and striving for college because college can be taken online as well.

To finish I would say they should just go all the way with the tech in schools. This I believe because the momentum factor tells me everything in our society will reach a point where you must use tech. And to start early will certainly make a large impact on the kids and through time future adults. Thanks for considering me for this scholarship I loved writing this essay and learning for myself some implications I hadn’t seen before, thank you.

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