How Kids Will Forge the Future

Chances are, if a toddler has their hands on a phone, they can easily figure out the phone’s simple functions, and then suddenly make in-app purchases using their parents’ money in a matter of seconds. Some of the elderly cannot even figure out how a phone works! Kids of today and the future are born in the golden age of technology. They aren’t like the generations before that grew up as technology was slowly starting to pick up. They are a different generation that is introduced to technology as soon as they come out of the womb. At a young age, kids can do things that adults in the past could not even imagine doing. Technology has major benefits for children such as allowing children to express their creativity through the use of tablets and computers to help make their ideas become reality. Or, maximizing kids’ problem-solving skills through various video games that require critical thinking skills to reach a goal. Although there are many other effects of technology, the two largest impacts of technology on kids today and tomorrow are its enhancement of education and preparation for careers, and its ability to open up communication with other kids around the world.
The technology used in the classroom helps kids learn better in unique ways that have never been done before. For example, online tools for learning such as educational YouTube videos or online activities that provide feedback based on his or her performance are greatly more flexible than a traditional lecture. While a traditional lecture forces students to engage with the material in the same way, some students may learn better by watching a video or interacting with online activities. Sometimes I personally learn better by watching somebody else teach class material in a video than a lecture. Technology offers a variety of educational resources that will fit how each student learns best. Furthermore, since kids at a young age are interacting with technology in the classroom, they will be better prepared to enter a technology-based career. Introducing technology to kids increases their potential to enter IT careers and gets them prepared for their future. Schools and extracurricular programs are now teaching kids how to code which is a skill that is in high demand in the workforce. As technology continues to progress and flourish, having the skill of being able to code will drastically increase a child’s chances of obtaining a stable and well-paying job in the future. One of the main jobs of education is to prepare kids to enter the workforce. Technology upgraded modern education because it helps kids learn more effectively and potentially prepares kids for their future careers.
While some may believe that technology may reduce social interaction between kids, technology actually increases interaction with others because it creates a channel where kids can build online communities with other kids across the globe. Children can connect with other children with similar interests on platforms such as online games and social media. This level of communication allows kids to be able to exchange ideas with each other and make new friends. Furthermore, children are able to talk with their friends from school online, which removes the problem of not being able to socialize with their friends due to distance. Although technology allows children to talk to whoever they want online, this can be seen as a safety problem because they don’t truly know who they are talking to. This is why parental supervision over children’s use of technology is so important. Due to the openness of communication with technology, it is paramount to teach children how to be safe on the internet, and that it isn’t okay to release private information. However, once children learn how to be safe on the internet, kids can connect with others and build large communities with other children.
In this era, technology has a huge role in kids’ lives. Especially amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, technology has truly made a beneficial impact on children. Kids are able to continue learning with zoom classes all the while staying connected with their friends online. In the future, as technology continues to grow and flourish, I believe that kids of today and tomorrow will grow and become one of the most advanced and influential people in the modern age.

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