Children and Technology

Technology is a loaded word that fills many people with different feelings, some good while others may be bad. However, I have only ever known a world with technology, allowing me to view it as a tool. While many older people see technology as a burden and invasion of privacy, I see it as a tool that increases opportunity. Growing up surrounded by technology has influenced my life in many aspects. However, technology is affecting all children of all ages. The children of today and tomorrow are affected by technology through education, future innovation and ideas, and access to databases of information.
Covid-19 has wholly ravaged the educational system today, and due to this, many students, including myself, are using computers to attend school from their own homes. All lectures and assignments are learned through technology to keep students safe and away from people. With technology, school systems have been able to support students learning even through a world crisis. The circumstances are not ideal; however, they have helped make light of a seemingly bleak situation. Before Covid-19, technology was still prominent in school education. Students everywhere can take tests, design and present projects, and advertise school events through different types of technology software. Technology allows children to be adaptable and learning efficient when it comes to new skills, ultimately setting them up for success in their futures.
Technology expands individuals’ minds beyond measures. We can receive answers online in just a matter of seconds. Information is at the click of a button, and for children, it motivates them to search for answers and discover new information. With data and knowledge at our fingertips 24/7, children have a way to learn information constantly. The use of technology will lead to many new inventions, technological advancements, and innovations in the world overall. Technology influences children and teaches them to reach for the stars. Technology teaches children not to limit themselves and accomplish all dreams and aspirations no matter how unorthodox they may seem.
Many people use technology to connect with individuals, hold events, and market their business or ideas. Technology has ravaged the economy and allowed many people to broadcast themselves and their ideas in a short amount of time. With the rise in entrepreneurship, small visions can become a reality with the use of technology. Due to this, children and future generations will benefit from the accessible networking system technology has created. Future generations will be able to share and collaborate on ideas without ever having to meet in person. The inclusiveness of the internet promotes people to connect and collaborate, causing some people to work together for a bigger purpose.
Overall, technology has changed the world we live in today, and for future generations, it will be a dominant part of their life. The impact of technology is constantly growing and helping future engineers, journalists, and innovators create new ideas that will keep the United States prospering in the long run. Children have thrived with technology and will continue to make discoveries with technologies rising impact and futuristic innovations.

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