Advancements of Technology

Technology has advanced tremendously within the past 100 years, and it has definitely impacted my life, too. But first, what is technology? When said the word technology, I think of all the new phones, computers, iPads, social media applications such as Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube. Also, I think about the robots that clean toilets or make conversations with you. Even think about the smart homes with a voice activated robot inside their walls! Meanwhile, if you look up the meaning of technology, it will state that it is something along the lines of knowledge that is used practically to create new things such as machines. This can include, but isn’t limited to, windows, mechanical pencils, drawers, calculators, stethoscopes, and even a simple pair of glasses. There has been new inventions, but in the recent years, newer and advanced technology has been very costly, while the older ‘generations’ have gotten cheaper. While these advancements have been coming forth, children have and will be experiencing the impacts of technology.

Recently, the name of the current generation is the iGeneration. This is specifically because there has been exponential amounts of technological advancements in comparison to the other past years. This is because technology has been sparking for innovation. The more new things are being invented, the more people want to invent more advanced products for the market. Most of this is motivated by the earnings of money. Progressive products are sold at a much higher price in the markets as there is more demand for them. Although this may not be the best situation for the low-income individuals, it can allow for growth within society.

Today, technology allows for children to continue school despite the covid pandemic that requires everyone to keep social distancing. Instead of forcing all children to either risk getting the virus or halting their education, they are able to keep learning. In addition, even before the pandemic, children were able to communicate with their teachers via email or phone in order to ask questions about their homework while they’re at home. Also, it allows for unity. This year has not only been an age of depression, it has been one of fear caused by the virus and the events of violence that proceeded it. This includes the police brutality towards the Black community, societal brutality towards the Asians, and the mass shootings towards the random citizens going about their lives. Although most of the actions of violence was with the use of technology, like with guns and such, social media and news broadcasts have allowed these problems this society is facing to have its awareness it deserves. More people are able to know about these prevalent issues and can lend out a helping hand. There have been formations of many organizations that help the cause of these careless mistakes, and are being supported by millions all over the country. To the children living in our age, they are more educated about the current issues, which allows them to provide society with the solutions they need as they are able to think about these things as a little kid.

For the future, technology will continue to make life easier. Although it isn’t possible to correctly predict the future, we can assume with the basis of trends. The exponentially rising trend of new inventions will continue to strive. Furthermore, the things we have now will become cheaper in ten years with more options that would offer a better and more advanced range of products. This would help the future children who don’t make enough money with good quality products for a cheap price. Since technology has been known to spark innovation, more children will have the opportunity to advance their own lives as well by coming up with new inventions. This would allow for an easier life.

Technology has had a great impact on children, and will continue to have an impact on their lives. Whether the effects stay the same or not, there will be an everlasting impact on it. A couple hundred years ago, children were forced to work in their family farms, but with the inventions of efficient tools, their labor wasn’t necessary anymore. Nowadays, society primes education for children, and the use of technology has made it very simple for them. With this trend continuing, technology will become flexible to adjust to benefit whatever future endeavors a child decides to hold.

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