About Jack Abramoff

Why The Jack Abramoff Family Scholarship?

When our family was trying to navigate the horrific and traumatic collapse of my career and freedom, no one endured more pain than our children.  Our finances were decimated and our prospects were grim.  Thanks to the kindness of our family and friends, and the grace of Heaven, we were able to survive our difficulties.

Because of the financial challenges presented to our family, we struggled mightily to pay for our children’s education.  Of all the burdens children bear, none is more terrifying than the prospect of a diminished future – and education is the key to that future.

My children have completed that phase in life dedicated to institutional educational enrichment.  So, knowing how damaging the lack of educational achievement can be for a young person, I am privileged and honored to dedicate myself to helping children of disadvantaged families through the Jack Abramoff Family Scholarship.

I pray that all America’s children will have the opportunities to succeed and grow through education, and pledge to do my part, and encourage my friends to join, in this vital endeavor.

– Jack Abramoff –

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