A Plan for Tomorrow

I’ve worked hard throughout high school, and have been on top of my studies. I’m not saying other people haven’t, but I know the lengths I will go to make my parents proud. My parents believe it’s their job to help me get by financially, but with college, that’s a financial burden. I’m hoping to go to college out-of-state. I’ve applied to many scholarships in high hopes I will receive as many as I can. I want the best out of my education and I don’t want finances to get in the way of what I believe could be a great opportunity for me.
Our community is an environment from which we grow and learn from. Treating the community how we all wanted to be treated is how we grow and become proud of where we grew up and learned. Since third grade, I’ve been a part of “Girls Excelling in Math and Science.” It wasn’t until then I realized that the STEM field really was for me, and that I took great interest in it. Throughout school, I always excelled in my math and science classes. Formulas and theories came easier to me than word structures and remembering historical figures.
Once I got into high school, I began to take electives geared toward STEM. Although I found my passion for coding and computer related activities late, I’m glad I got to be a part of something bigger than myself. In high school, the big question was always what do you want to do when you’re older. I never really knew until I met my homeroom teacher junior year. He was the other statistics teacher in the school; he also taught computer science and I was very intrigued when he would talk about it. Being timid about starting something so intricate so late, he encouraged me to take on the challenge of computer science.
The coronavirus hit us unexpectedly, and constantly being in the house made the world rely on technology now more than over. Coronavirus single handedly made technology a priority this past year. As more users join the internet, more protection and guidance is needed. Especially for those who grew up in a generation where technology was not rapidly growing like it is today. I felt of use when helping my grandparents learn their way around their phones and since then my passion for technology has grown. I want to create equity within gender and race within our society with my computer science degree. With everything resorting to the internet, this is where we gather our news on what’s going on in our country. This past quarantine hasn’t been easy. The Black Lives Matter Movement has grown and become stronger since George Floyds tragic death. Minorities today often live in fear with the idea of a target on their back. Without justice we’re helpless. We need to stand together and unite and watch out for one another.
My plan is to develop a program to help people see the discrimination minorities face often. It’s not to attack anyone, but to educate people on their privilege and how the color of their skin actually affects so much. The program will not only focus on race, but also gender. Men need to understand what women go through daily. Society unfortunately caters to the white man, and being black is hard enough, but a black woman is harder than anything many will encounter. Not only do I want to create equity within our society, but I also want to work for companies who hire individuals who look like me and understand what being a black woman in America is like.
I will engage in the technology industry by making the world a more habitable place for people of color and our planet. I want to educate those who are willing to learn about coding and the good it can lead to. Not only do I lack seeing people who look like me code, but I also lack seeing women in this field. I want to inspire and meet people who have the same interest as me, and want to change the world for the better.

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