A Blinding Hug

Technology has evolved in various ways. Life as we know it has changed dramatically and is still continuing to do so. Society has undoubtedly placed emphasis on the importance of advancing, making life more convenient.
Making life more efficient.
And technology really has already achieved many of these goals. Answers are ready within the press of a button, connections can be blossomed even through long distances, a friend is only a quick phone call or drive away.
It almost seems as if technology is a warm hug. Always ready with the answers, connecting individuals to one another, making the world a better place.
A better place for people of all ages; a better place for the kids of today and the near future—
The future.
Ah, imagine.
A technological utopia; perfection.

My friend, if only it was as simple as that.
If only.
Here’s a small fact—small yet relative—
Utopias don’t exist. Utopias can’t exist. There will never be a utopia.
Yes, even a technological utopia.
Because there’s something else about this warm hug that I previously failed to mention—it’s blinding.
Technology is like a warm hug that stands so tall , strong, and protective that it blocks the sight of today’s young generation.
It easily blocks them from the beauty of their surroundings by keeping them absorbed in the screens before them. It blocks them from the beauty of real life and makes them crave that artificial escapism. The light on the screen, the smiling faces, the vicarious happiness. If used negatively and exceedingly, technology can also blind the kids of today and tomorrow from how reality really functions. Unlike technology, the real world isn’t about obtaining everything right away in the press of a button. Reality is slow—it requires patience. Life’s questions aren’t always answered in an instant.
No, life’s questions are never answered in an instant.
A new era has emerged. One where it’s easy to get lost in a screen and escape reality, but also one where opportunities are endless, lives are longer, knowledge is free and not confined into strict boundaries, but everywhere.
Without addressing the problem with technology, the kids of today will have to find their way to peak through the hug on their own or will stay buried in that hug—
In escapism
In an artificial reality.
And so many of them are still caught in that hug.
Life is so beautiful and full of so much meaning that is yet to be discovered by the individual. It’s so easy to get caught in the trivial and meaningless addictive entertainment technology has to offer, to keep scrolling through the screen and letting the eyes drink in the soft blue light.
Without the proper guidance, kids of the future may end up caught in technology’s grasp too, distracting them from the other opportunities technology provides. Distracting them from—well—just simply living life.
And what a shame that would be—to be caught in technology’s warm hug, blinded forever.

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